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BoCasa focuses purely on the northern part of the Costa Blanca, a popular coastal region in southeastern Spain. This region stretches from the city of Denia in the north to the municipality of Altea in the south. It has a vast coastline with beautiful beaches and crystal clear waters, making it a favourite destination for sunbathers and water sports enthusiasts. In addition to its beautiful beaches, the Costa Blanca North offers fascinating scenery with mountains, valleys and hills that are ideal for hiking or biking. 

This region is also rich in culture and history, with numerous picturesque villages and historical monuments. The Costa Blanca North is also a gastronomic destination with a rich culinary tradition. It offers a wide range of dishes from seafood to delicious rice dishes and local wines. In short, the Costa Blanca North offers a unique blend of sun, beach, nature, culture and gastronomy and is an ideal destination for anyone looking for a relaxed and versatile region where Spanish culture has been preserved.